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Smile for the Camera!: GradeCam

Gradecam Tutorial videos

Getting Starting with Gradecam

Creating forms:

Gradecam overview:

Setting up gradecam

Adding class roster



Scanning exams

Item analysis and reports

Extras (labels, standards, exporting)


Starting with gradecam and what is gradecam?

  • Gradecam uses a webcam or any other document reader to grade tests.  It creates reproducible forms in place of ScanTron sheets.


1.  Sign up for free at

  • Free version limits multiple choice assignments to 10 questions.

  • Insight Plus (60 days free trial) is $15 month.

2.  After you log in, you will see the tabs below.

  • Assignments: Create exam/quiz that need to be graded.

  • Forms: Create forms

  • Reports: Detailed reports for your classes for each exam you graded using gradecam

  • Classes: Create class rosters


  • When you first start, begin with “set up” and check “devices”.  This is where you can see if your elmo is compatible with gradecam.  Tablet webcam does work with gradecam.



This is where you can set up your roster for your individual classes.  If you want to rely on blank sheets (these would be the equivalent of just blank ScanTron sheets), just click on “my first class”.  This selection allows for forms with blank (no student names)  prefilled gradcam code.


If you do add classes with student info, this allows you to print forms with student names and their ID printed on the forms.  Both types of forms can be read by gradecam.  It is just preference.


Steps to add a class and class roster.

  • Click on the “classes” tab



Adding class rosters

 You also have the option to create your own class list and then add your own student code.  If you use this option, it will allow you to print out forms with students names and the gradecam code already filled out.  The gradecam code is needed for gradecam to scan an exam.

  • You can individually add students after you click “add class” and assign your own

student code.

  • Another option is to import CSV class rosters. If you have a spreadsheet with their names and ID numbers, just import that file. Recommended choice.

  • Suggestion to save time is to have students complete a google form where they input their last name, first name and student ID.  Then download that form as a CSV file. Save that file and you can just import that file to gradecam for each class.


Then click on next

To make things easier, make sure the gradecam ID is the student ID (column 3 in image above).

Double check and make sure first name is the column you chose for first name, last name is column for last name.  In the example above, it says “fname”.  So I would need to scroll to column 2 to show  “lname” for last name.



Under assignments, you can create your exam

This option is you connected gradecam to an electronic gradebook.  I have not tried it yet and the connection not available with the free account.


1.  Click on the assignments tab

2.  Click on create

Name the assignment

Identify it as an exam

Type in the number of questions

3.  Then you will get the screen below


You can manually enter in the key by clicking on the correct letter for each question.  Or you can scan,  using the webcam or elmo, a bubbled in key with the correct answer.  You can use any blank form as your key. You can adjust the point value for each question as well.


4.  Click on the forms button below to print out the forms for the students. If you want a blank form, select blank form.  Or if you have already added a class with student info and ID number, scroll to that class.


There is an option titled advanced options.

Things you can do under advanced options.

  • Adjust the size of the bubbles.

  • Adjust ID numbers. If you want to use 4-10 digits.

  • Alternating row

Scanning/Grading exams


5. Click on “scan” to begin scanning student responses.  It will also automatically go to “scan” when you completed the key.


6.  Begin grading by scanning using the webcam. Double check on the left hand side that you are scanning for the correct class.  If it is not set at the correct class, just scroll to the class you want to grade.  After each scan, it will be attached to the student ID number.  It will also say which question they got wrong, the correct response and their score.


You have two options when scanning.  You can scan each form yourself using the webcam. As long as the box fits into the screen, it will read.  You will hear a “bloop” sound.  It does not need to be too close.  Also tried it with a crumpled piece of paper and still worked.  Student responses can be in pencil or ink.


Student view is the second option. Click on “student” on the “scan” page and it will take you to a new screen. Students can come up and scan their own quiz and see their results right away.  Students then press “space bar” after they are done so the next student does not see their results.  Press “esc” to exit student view.


Whether you scan or use student view, with each scan, you will see the score, which questions were incorrect and the correct answers.


Some tips and things to know about scanning

  • Gradecam reads both pen or pencil responses BUT if a student changes their answer in pen (crosses out their first choice and then bubbles in another choice), it automatically marks the response as incorrect (when in pen).

  • If a student uses pencil, it is like a ScanTron sheet.  If they erase thoroughly, it will mark their final choice.  USE PENCIL

  • It can grade a form that was crumpled or folded.

  • It cannot read a form that is presented upside down (thanks, Chris Santiago!)

Item analysis and reports

After you have completed your grading, it will go to summary where you will find a number of different reports on this assignment.  It will give you a summary, item analysis (including how many students chose each particular answer), individual score reports, exam reports, etc. It will also show on one screen what item each student chose for each question. See examples below:

Also, you can change the answer key.  Maybe you saw 99% of the students got question #9 wrong. You realize you bubbled in the wrong answer.  Click “key”, change the answer and it will automatically regrade and adjust student scores.  No need to scan the exams again.

Other extras and sure there are more.  But these are what I have seen so far.


  • You can tag or label each exam.  Similar to the labels in gmail


Export and save exams

  • You can export exams (CSV) and results.


Archive exams

  • Click on exams and archive them.  Archiving them saves them but removes from assignment list.


Standards and grade book export

  • Maybe this is for the premium levels but you could add standards and the site says if can export


Ways to use Gradecam

  • exams

  • quizzes

  • bell ringers

  • exit tickets

  • creating assessments in class


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