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Create Drawings or Diagrams in Google Docs

Create a drawing

To start creating drawings in Google Docs, go to your Docs list, click the red Create button and select Drawing.

Then, use the menu options and the buttons in the toolbar to create flow charts, design diagrams, and other types of drawings.

Once you're done, you can add your drawing to your document, presentation, or spreadsheet.


Click this drop-down menu to cut, copy, paste, duplicate, and change a shape.


Use this menu to insert lines, arrows, scribbles, polylines, text boxes, and images. You can also click the individual buttons in the toolbar to do this. Once you select an option, follow these instructions:

  • Line: Click to place one end of the line, and drag to the other end.
  • Arrow: Click anywhere to place the end of the arrow, and drag to add the arrowhead.
  • Scribble: Click to choose your start point, and drag to create the scribble. It will be automatically smoothed out once you've finished.
In line, arrow, and scribble modes, you'll keep adding lines until you go back to select mode by clicking the Select button from the toolbar (the small arrow to the left of the Shapes button), or pressing the Esc key.
  • Polyline: Add continuous lines composed of multiple segments by drawing a segment of your polyline, clicking to end the segment and beginning your next segment. Learn more about using polylines.
  • Word art: After selecting this option, type your text and press Enter.
  • Text box: Click where you'd like to add the text box, enter your text, and press Enter. Your text will be added to your drawing. Use text boxes instead of word art if you'd like to use word wrap or specify a different text size. Learn more about using text in Google drawings.
  • Image: Enter a URL of an image or do an image search to find what you're looking for, and click Select. Learn more about adding images to your drawing.


Click this menu to change the background of your drawing, align and rotate items, select snap to grid or snap to guide, change the order of the items (for example, bring a shape forward), and group items. Learn more about formatting your drawings.

Here are some of the buttons available in the toolbar:

Undo or redo changes

You can undo and redo changes by clicking the two arrows to the left side end of the toolbar.

Zoom in and out

To zoom in and out on your drawings, click the Zoom button in the toolbar.


Select a shape from the Shape menu in the toolbar. Then, click anywhere in Google drawings to insert the shape in the default size, or drag your mouse to change the size of the shape.

Create word art by clicking the Shape menu and selecting Word Art (the letter "T" in the second row of shapes). Then, type your text and press Enter. Learn more about using text in Google drawings.

All of the shape editing options are available with word art, so you can rotate, choose fill and line color, and change line width.

Fill color, line color, line width, edit text, bold, and more

These and other editing options are available only when you've selected a specific item. For example, when you insert a text box or word art, you'll see the Edit text button at the right end of the toolbar. Click it to change the selected text.

Note: To duplicate a shape, just hold the Ctrl key (Command key for Macs) while dragging the shape.


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