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Sign up for the Discus Tournament!

Sign up to play in Northside Latin’s Ultimate Frisbee tournament during your lunch blocks in front of the cafeteria on Wednesday and Friday or after school in Room 204!

Registration costs $3 per person, and there will be 5 to 6 people per team.

The tournament will be held on April 23rd, the Tuesday of National Classics Week.

The prize for the tournament winners will be a Domino’s gift card!

Spirit Cheers for IJCL 2013!

Salvete omnes! IJCL is tomorrow!!! Be sure to bring everything you need for convention to school with you in the morning. We hope that you all attended at least one spirit practice, but here’s a list of cheers for you to review.

I can see it now [pause]
that Northside’s gonna win
in my crystal ball [pause]
Northside’s gonna win

Ni-fong! [chant repeatedly]

A: Qui Sumus?
B:Who are we?
A: Qui Sumus?
A: Qui Sumus?
B: Who are we?
A:Qui Sumus?
Everyone: NCP! NCP! Eat ‘em up! Eat ‘em up! (x2)
[make alternating left-right then up-down chomping gestures between second NCP and eat 'em up]

A: Hey Northside!
B: Hey what?!
A: How. Do. You. Feel?!
B: We feel good!
Everyone: Oh, we feel so good!
[mandatory pelvic thrust]

[call and response, yelling]

[to YMCA theme song]
you only latin once
you only latin once

A: Northside is what?!
B: Dynamite!
A: Northside is what?!
B: Dynamite!
Everyone: Northside is Tick Tick Tick Tick BOOM! Dynamite!
(crouch down then jump up)

[to YMCA theme song]
It’s fun to beat VA
It’s fun to beat MA

Pine-ap-ple! (chant repeatedly)

Estisne parati? See you all tomorrow!