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Nationals 2014: A Preliminary Report!

Northsiders performed extraordinarily well at the 2014 National Junior Classical League Convention at Emory University last week. The novice certamen team, comprised of Northsiders Samir A., Jenny L., Andres C., Sam K., and Atif O., won second place in the entire nation in a playoff nail-biter against Florida. Lina K., Samir A., and Devyn R. won national first-place awards in academic testing and creative arts. Illinois also won the coveted spirit prize for medium-sized delegations. Stay tuned for more news and pictures from a fantastic week!

Latin Olympics is coming up!

Northside is hosting this year’s Latin Olympics on Sunday,  May 18th, and the board has been busy preparing lots of fun activities. We’ve written a lot of tests and competitions to test your Latin knowledge, but we will have a movie screening, coloring, and various games to pass the time. So come join us at Northside for some Latin fun!

National Classics Week: Day V!

Thanks so much to everyone who wore their togas on our walk to Wrigley! Check the twitter tag #ncplatin for some fun pictures of us participating in the scavenger hunt.

Today is the last day of our celebratory school week, so take this time to spread more Latin love, and wish the NCP representatives to the Illinois Latin Tournament tomorrow good luck!

National Classics Week: Day III

Thank you to everyone who came out to support NCP Latin last night at our ICL Finals! I’m happy to report that BOTH of the NCP teams playing at Finals took home the State Championship! Congratulations to our Upper team (Lina Kapp, Ali Murray, Tulsi Patel, Devyn Rigsby, and Fatima Sattar) and our Lower team (Cassandra Brown, Emily Driscoll, Martina Hale, and Ian McCann)!

Today is the first of our charitable events this week! Join us in Room 204 after school for an activity that’s fun and important along the theme of Parvus sed Potens… we’ll be making greeting cards for kids at the Children’s Hospital of LA. Stop by, and bring supplies if you can!

National Classics Week: Day II

Maximas gratias to everyone who came to our birthday party!

Congratulations to Jorge Koves for winning Pin the Tail on the Chimera and to Jenny Lam for winning Headbands: Roman edition.

Also, many thanks are due to Colin for creating two beautiful cakes for our enjoyment!

Pictures will be posted under the “Photos” tab.

You may have noticed our Upper team in their princess garb and our Lower team dressed like characters from the Big Bang Theory. This is part of our Illinois Certamen League Spirit Celebration! Come join us as we head to the ICL Finals at Walter Payton High School to compete for the state title in our costumes and help us spread the joy of #ncpncw to our competitors!

National Classics Week: Day I

Salvete, amici!

Today is the first day of NCP Latin’s National Classics Week celebration!

We will be opening our festivities with a birthday party for our cara Roma in the third floor atrium after school. There will be cake, games, singing, and more, so be sure to stop by!

Also, don’t forget to take to Twitter, Facebook, IG, and everything else to talk about National Classics Week with the hashtag #ncpncw!

NCP Latin featured in school newspaper

NCP Latin today received the highest recognition awarded at Northside: a spoof article in the HoofBeat’s April Fools’ Day edition.

The article, entitled “Northside Latin Challenges Vatican,” outlines the Latin program’s plans to restore Classical Latin to its rightful place as the lingua franca of the Vatican, and of the entire world, for that matter. Written by NCP Latin’s own Maria Flores, Block IV, the article features a Latin quotation, elegantly interpreted by Magister Nifong:

“As Cicero cautioned more than two millennia ago, ‘Vita sine litteris mors est.’ In sooth, we may infer, without peril of contradiction, that Cicero also believed, ‘Vita sine optima arte grammatica linguae Latinae damnatio est.’”

Be sure to check out the entire piece at

Help us with our 2014 Certamen Fundraiser!

It’s that time of year again! We’re launching our annual certamen fundraiser this week, the largest of all of our Latin Club fundraisers. Latin club raises money to provide scholarships for those students who wish to go to the IJCL and NJCL conventions, but cannot afford to do so. And we need your help!

Our goal is to raise five-thousand dollars this year, and every contribution helps! In fact, Mr. Nifong, kind as he is, has declared that he will offer extra-credit to any student who brings in at least five pledges of at least five dollars each. If you need more pledge forms, you may either ask Mr. Nifong, or print the following form:

Certamen Sponsorship Form 2014